About Us

Greetings, fellow adventurer! We are Danny & Wianne, a couple with a love for fantasy and roleplaying games, as well as a healthy love for eating and the cookery that comes with it. As you may notice throughout this journal of our quest, it has been influenced by World of Warcraft, a hobby we share and gladly divulge in whenever we have the time.

We want to embark on this journey of (hopefully) delicious food, fun in cooking, and tastings of other kitchens with you. The dishes we make are partly from cookbooks centered around the fantasy genre, such as Discworld, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and World of Warcraft, just to name a few. All this is, most likely, prepared, eaten, and written with Irish folk music in the background.

As we are amateur kitchen adventurers, preparing the food and writing about it is also our way to gain cooking experience to level up our game. Not only do we want to show how accessible the prepared recipes are to low-level cooks, we also want to show how to prepare legendary food to stun family and friends. Remember, stun can be a level 1 ability.

Follow us through the wardrobe to the world of Fantastic Cookery!